Saturday, 10’th October 2009

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

It’s another wedding photojurnalist project with INOVA Photography Service. The happy couple are Condrad and Amanda.

It’s a lovely couple, fun and nice to work with, we shots their prewed picture about a month ago. They are doctors from different specialist background and hospital. Wow, it’s must be hard, ‘cause I know being a doctor it’s full time job, you might be call anytime for emergency or consulting a patient. I wonder how they arrange their time, it takes a lot of commitment. Even so they are united now in front of God, as a happy and blessed couple. Congratulation!!

On wedding day, we started not to early in the morning. Our team starts documenting about 7 am for the make up session in Berty’s Make Up Salon. It’s a slow and fun proccess. Took a lot of candid photos, lot’s of humor cause it’s a fun family. I know Amanda’s family since I was little, cause we grew up in the same church. Here some of the pictures.

After that session, our team and the groom go to the hotel for Condrad’s  preparations. It’s a session with his family, a lot of happy and touched moments as they walk him to the wedding car.

Now we go to Amanda’s house. Well she’s all prepared with her beautiful simple dress, with her parents helping her closing her slayer, and give her the corsage.

Condrad arrives and greated by Amanda’s parent’s. Man what a nerveus situation for him, but he still smiling. I wonder what his face look like, when he first ask Amanda’s parents, to take her on a date. Hmmmmm

The Holy Matrimony, is held at GKI Guntur Church. It’s about to rain again when they got down from their wedding car. Hey just like everybody said, the rain it’s like a blessing for the couple. It was a very touched moments, as they walked together, said their promises.

That night, at the wedding ceremony at BIO FARMA Hall, waaaaw… all about mickey mouse on the wedding decorations. Cute and unique decoration, I must say. And there’s a lot kind of food. It a pitty I can’t try them all, ‘cause I got to work. Hehehehe

That’s is, that’s the whole session of Condrad & Amanda’s wedding. Again, Contratulation. Wish U all the best, and God Bless Your marriage & your whole family.

[text & photo by: Sophian Dwitama Setiawan]


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