Saturday, 3’rd October 2009

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

A wedding session with OKEII Photography. It was a nice day, nice weather. We start at 6 am, went from OKEII office at Paskal Hypersquare to the Cahyadi salon. This is a special couple, although their age are old, I think around above 40. But their spirit is still like 20th years old. Hahahaha…..

Again this is a room to room session at Aston Tropicana Hotel, so traffic jam, no way…..hehehe

Not to many story in this day, but the whole day was ok…hey I got a chance to meet Ade Rai on the hotel lobby. Even the couple want to take photos with him. Cool guy, and has a very big muscles. Man I wonder what he eats everyday for that kind of body…mostly protein I guess..and a lot of workout at the gym…

The Wedding Ceremony is as ussual, music and eating. hey i got to meet my old friend Betha, she was the singer that night. Great cool voice….

Congratulation Fuk Sen & Khiun Tjen…have a blessed marriage…God Bless U


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