Ryan & Debora’s Wedding


Saturday, 15th August 2009

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

It’s my friend wedding. Actually Debora,or we usually called her Deb, she is our full time designer in INOVA Photography Service. And I’m a freelance photographer that helping in INOVA. So I usually met her at her little office, and in front of her computer, hey where else designer works at..

We start at 6 am the morning, at Beng Beng Salon. At first, I kind a confuse where she were. Cause there are many people, and usually she wear glasses and got long hair. Hahahaha didn’t recognize her.

Hey she’s fun to work with, lot’s of smile too. After that our team went to the hotel for the groom’s preparations session.

We don’t go around much, ‘cause it room to room. Thank God, ‘cause the traffic jam outside is too much, it’s a long weekend. On Monday 17’th August we celebrating our Independence Day. All the hotels in bandung are full booked, it’s always like that on long weekend like these, so Bandung is always crowded.

So next we go to deb’s room, got her photo session.

The Holy Matrimony was held on a chatolic church in pandu street. Yup as usual they got strick rules, no wondering around when the pastor are preaching, and no video lights nor flash. But inside are pretty bright, so is fine.

At night were the Wedding Ceremony, at the same hotel. A bit small ballroom, and little crowded with all the guess. But overall is memorable…

Congratulations Ryan & Debora, God Bless U


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