Saturday, 17’th October 2009

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Another wedding session with FIRSTLOOK Photography. Today I’m leading the photography team, and on video, Didit is leading their team. I love this team, ‘cause we are always on the same page and ideas. We starts around 5 am at Beng Beng salon.

As we would expected, this couple is fun to work with, although the grooms had a lot of worries. Calm down, we’ve work with a lot of wedding,we’ll help you two. Even so all works well in the process.

Today we go around a little bit, ‘cause the groom session is at his house, then the bride session is at the Golden Flower Hotel. Hahaha it little bit rough to find parking lot for my car, I’m driving, so everyone must wait for me. Gratefully it doesn’t take too long.

The Holy Matrimony was held at the Cathedral. Same rules, but still can use the flash. Although I’m not using it, ‘cause the ambient light are great, I don’t want too ruin the color.

The Wedding Ceremony was held at Istana Muara. Now this is a big place. And the food cattering was great, from my friend Mr. Kim Hok. And we got the early dinner..yeaaaa hahahaha need the power boost.

Nice Ceremony brought by Pau Pau…

Congratulation to Arief & Linda..God Bless U

[Photo & Text by: Sophian Dwitama]


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