Sunday, 25’th October 2009

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

FIRSTLOOK team, it’s working time again. Hahahaha today I work with them again. The couple are Henry and Lina. I don’t really know them, until Lina ask about me. Oooow so she my highschool friend sister. Man what a small world it is. It’s nice if I know whom am I work with, ‘cause they won’t be so stiff when I take their picture. Started at 6 am as ussual, at Beng Beng salon. Never bored with this place, although there’s not much angle to play with, but sometimes I find weird stuff. Hehehe I guess I have to play with new lenses.

Upss…why I’am in the pictures….hehehehe

And so as ussual we split the team again, and I’m with the bride again. What’s with me and bride things…hmmmmm but I like it, many detail can be taken with the bride…..hahahaha and so my team go to De’Batoe Butique Hotel…we took all room to room session.. today I wanna take more detail close up ‘cause my teammate took all the wide and his leading the team. Man I wish I had the fix 85mm f/1.8 and the 135mm f/2…cool lens…very very sharp…

Hmmmm small fine hotel….nice room, but there only one elevator…and that day there 3 wedding couple in that hotel…you can imagine how we wait for the elevator to come…always full again…or sometimes we met the other couple on the elevator…hahaha funny….even when our couple were going to the car…we almost got to the wrong car…they look the same…hahaha…gratefully the wedding car driver notice it….maybe it was great day to wed….

From the hotel, we all go to the church at GBI Setiabudi…again I’m driving and it’s very hard to find a parking lot there…’cause there’s a supermarket within the same building…and it’s Sunday, everybody gone shopping..

The Holy Matrimony are done, but it still noon about 3 pm. To avoid traffic, our team decided to go to the Wedding Ceremony building at Vienna Cafe and take a rest there. Usualy if there much spare time, we hang out at FIRSTLOOK office or basecamp. At 6pm the ceremony begin, simple, but the room is very dark…I think I got weird color in my picture..cause the video lighting doesn’t light everyplace on that room. But it’s fine with me….cause I wanna take the ambience of the room

Congratulation Henry & Lina…God Bless U

[Text & Photo by: Sophian Dwitama]


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