Sunday, 15’th November 2009

Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia

It’s a wedding session with FIRSTLOOK Photography. It’s far out from my hometown, it’s Tegal City. The happy couple are Limi & Feronika. I know Limi, we’re are from the same class year in the university.

We arrived on Saturday, ‘cause the wedding is on Sunday. We got to the nice and clean hotel. Man, it’s very very very hot in Tegal u know….huffff from cool city to hot city, ooooo I need the air conditioning please….hehehehe but the tea are great with the rock sugar….mmmmm even the ice sweet tea….it’s very refreshing…it’s a pitty, I don’t have a pocket camera to take pictures, cause my SLR camera are in my bag for tomorrow session. [hmmmm…..maybe next time I should have a pocket camera] so the first day we rest, and get to know with the conditions.

The next day, we start at 5 am for the make up session at the hotel we were staying. Thank God, ‘cause we don’t have to get up so early, and also we don’t know the city, we might get lost. Nice Beautiful make up by Rany Sevent Art, and fun, laugh a lot too although there were a lot of people in 1 room. Hahaha mostly our team dough….the FIRSTLOOK team.

We split the team itnto 2 groups…1 go with the groom and 1 with the bride…to save time that is and we can get all photos of the proccess… 1 go with the seccond team, it’s the team that goes with the bride…that’s why I don’t get much photo of Limi’s, until he arrive at Feronika’s house.

Hey cool wedding car, it’s the new Honda Jazz. Ussualy we get all the Benz sedan type, or the big Alphard, or the camry…mostly sedan though…this is a city car….hmmmm I wonder…maybe someday there will be a Becak or a Bajaj for the wedding vehicle…hahahahaha

Next back to the hotel, to the wedding room guys….

wow nice big room…we take some photos on the room…nice light from the window…

After that we go to the church….not to far, although it’s out of town, ‘cause the hotel is near the border..the church is in Brebes City. But man, it’s hotter than I though, more than yesterday. Need the ice sugar tea…..hahahaha

Yup, the Holy Matrimony went well and very touching. After that, we got lunch together there, Haaaaaa got the Ice sweet tea….and TADAAA!!!!  it’s Tong Tji … favourite tea……Haaaaaaaaaaaaa refresh again…^^

[to be continue……………………]


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